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 JaguarXK140150_FrontWelcome to Vintage Steering Wheel; we offer brand new and exchange steering wheels for Vintage, Veteran and Classic cars reproduced with original features and detail.

We provide new and exchange original equipment steering wheels for wood rim, Bakelite and celluloid steering wheels for British, European and American vehicles.

Cars in the past have had their original Bluemels, Nardi, EFFPI, Hellebore, Personal or Dover steering wheels removed and replaced with accessory wheels which detract and devalue from the overall appearance of the car.

 Wheels deteriorate over time making them unpleasant to handle and sometimes unsafe; the original celluloid peels off, Bakelite wheels crack and wood wheels delaminate.  With our new wheels we copy every detail of the originals, but make them with modern materials such as mirror polished stainless steel replacing the chrome original and non-porous plastics.

TalbotAlpineRound_FrontWe make new wheels for many Bluemels originals fitted to such vehicles as MG, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bristol, Lagonda to name but a few.

We also manufacture proportionally correct undersized versions that can be used to replace original wheels for racing / rallying and for cars that may have been fitted with power steering.  This also allows extra room in the cockpit, as some replicas and original vehicles lack space.

We offer various colours and finishes that were originally used on cars, but have deteriorated to such a degree that they have become lost – a typical example of this is the marbled look / tortoiseshell effect.

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We manufacture everything ourselves in the U.K. and have been doing so for the past 40 years.

If you wish to call us to discuss your requirements, an expert is always at hand to help you, with in-depth knowledge of steering wheels fitted to period vehicles

44 (0) 1843 844962 or or +44 (0) 7795 182 563